Fix USB Drives showing as 200MB

I use USB Drives quite a bit to move data between Windows, Mac and Linux Devices.  Sometimes when i go to re-format them they only show as 200MB capacity


As I’m on a Windows machine, open the Command Prompt (CMD) and type: diskpart

Type: list disk to see your drive, in my case here, its Disk 2


Type: select disk <insert disk number> so in my case select disk 2

type: clean this will zero down the drive

Close down the disk part window and open Disk Management

The Drive will appear as Unallocated

Right click the Drive and Select New Simple Volume

Follow the wizard through ensuring you select the correct File System type – In my case I will leave as Fat32



  1. Really worked well, better than trying to find any legitimate site, everywhere I turn it says download this and that. This works better because it’s built into the computer thank you so much for posting this it means a lot!


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