DVSwitch ports Blocked – Nexus 1000v

Recently, Ports on the Nexus1000v became blocked after performing a Nexus 1000v Upgrade.

After the upgrade a whole bunch of the VMs lost network connectivity, whilst IP Storage Etc.. Stayed up

In vCenter, Under Networking the Ports on the DvSwitch were showing as blocked

Untitled picture



Removing Unwanted Plugins from vCenter

Some of the plugins for vCenter don’t offer an uninstaller.

To unregister a plugin from vCenter follow this method provided by a VMware KB:

Open a web browser and go to http://vcenterserver/mob

Click on Content

Click on ExtensionManager

Copy the name of the plugin you want to unregister


Click on UnregisterExtension

In the text field paste the text into the box and delete all but the part in quotes(e.g.com.emc.EMCStoragePlugin)

click InvokeMethod

Refresh the browser and the plugin should be gone from the list

Reconnect to vCenter using the client and the plugin should be gone from Plug-ins-> Manage Plugins list.

The CachePoint Appliance could not create the boot image

Unidesk reported back the following error on a single Desktop

“The CachePoint Appliance could not create the boot image. Error is: Failed to detach disks from the desktop and reattach to the CachePoint Appliance; export the logs and notify Technical Support that this error occurred.”

After looking in vSphere, it turned out that there was an error on that particular desktopUntitled

vSphere had put a lock on the Snapshot for this desktop.

After removing the Snapshots and forcing a rebuild from the Unidesk console, the Desktop Booting as normal

Performance Data is currently not available for this entity on a single ESXi Host

When no performance data is available on a single host, restart the hostd and vpxa services

From the Local Console or SSH:

  1. Log in to SSH or Local console as root.
  2. Run these commands:/etc/init.d/hostd restart
    /etc/init.d/vpxa restart

    Note: In ESXi 4.x, run this command to restart the vpxa agent:

    /etc/opt/init.d/vmware-vpxa restart

  3. Alternatively, to restart all management agents on the host, run the command:services.sh restart

vCenter Server Services Not Starting / Stopping

Recently came across an issue where a customers vCenter Server Services wouldn’t start.  I read up on a few KB article stating to Start / Restart the SSO Service, this didn’t fix the problem.  Even a couple of reboots of the vCenter Server failed.

After looking in the logs, found at  C:\ ProgramData\VMWare\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs the latest Log Entry contained this: