Deploying Turbonomic into VMware Lab Environment

In this Post, I am installing Turbonomic into my Home Lab which is based on VMware Workstation – When deploying into your vCenter, the initial process will be slightly different i.e Deploy OVF Template




Viewing Wasted Storage (Unattached Volumes) in AWS using Turbonomic

In this post, I will discuss how to view Wasted Storage or Unattached Volumes in AWS using Turbonomic. This is also posted HERE

Datastore Browsing Enabled in Turbonomic – If this cannot be enabled across the whole environment, I will show how to do this at a Group level.

1 – Creating AWS Storage Group/s – This may be required if you cannot enabled Datastore Browsing across the whole environment or if you want to Group different AWS Storage by Regions. (more…)