DVSwitch ports Blocked – Nexus 1000v

Recently, Ports on the Nexus1000v became blocked after performing a Nexus 1000v Upgrade.

After the upgrade a whole bunch of the VMs lost network connectivity, whilst IP Storage Etc.. Stayed up

In vCenter, Under Networking the Ports on the DvSwitch were showing as blocked

Untitled picture



Nexus 7 Wont turn on

Stumbled across this the other day – When your Nexus 7 Runs out of battery and has to shut down, it get itself into a state where it wont power back on, mine even went through a constant reboot phaze. To fix this:
1) Plug in the charger and press the Power button and the Volume Down button together.
2) You will see a menu pop up. Use the Volume button to go down to Power Off and press the Power button to select it.