Deploying Turbonomic into VMware Lab Environment

In this Post, I am installing Turbonomic into my Home Lab which is based on VMware Workstation – When deploying into your vCenter, the initial process will be slightly different i.e Deploy OVF Template




Installing, Configuring and Enabling SNMP on Turbonomic and Linux VMs

This tutorial outlines how to Install, Configure and Enable SNMP on a Turbonomic instance and Linux Virtual Machines. This is a document I wrote over at the Turbonomic Green Circle Community.

The instructions cover how to setup Linux-based VMs that are under Turbonomic’s control including those running in the Public Cloud.  This process has been used when unable to use Public Cloud providers tools when gathering Memory metrics.

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Viewing Wasted Storage (Unattached Volumes) in AWS using Turbonomic

In this post, I will discuss how to view Wasted Storage or Unattached Volumes in AWS using Turbonomic. This is also posted HERE

Datastore Browsing Enabled in Turbonomic – If this cannot be enabled across the whole environment, I will show how to do this at a Group level.

1 – Creating AWS Storage Group/s – This may be required if you cannot enabled Datastore Browsing across the whole environment or if you want to Group different AWS Storage by Regions. (more…)