Mount CIFS Share from NetBackup Appliance for DR File

The NetBackup Appliance with NetBackup version 7.5.x requires that the DR File be stored on an NFS Mount as well as being Email out.  However I found a post out there which shows how to configure the Appliance to Map a CIFS Share instead.

First Drop to Support, Maintanance

Enter Password and type elevate

Create a Folder in /mnt

Mkdir /mnt/<NewFolder>

Then create a CIFS Share on a Windows Server with the relevant permissions.  You will need to use a User Account and password to do the mount

Run the following command:

Mount -t cifs //<Servername>/<Share> -o username=<ADUser>,password=<password> /mnt/<NewFolder>

Go to your Catalog job and change the Location to //mnt/<NewFolder>


Veeam Log File locations

I was investigating some Veeam issues earlier and needed to locate the log files.  Individual files are located here:

• Windows Server 2003: %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Veeam\Backup
• Windows Server 2008 and R2: %allusersprofile%\Veeam\Backup
• Linux servers: /var/log/VeeamBackup/