Now we have shared Storage attached to all our Hosts, we can upload an ISO and deploy a new VM. As I only have the one Datastore, I will create an ISO Folder on this.

Select the Datastore, Click New Folder and give it a name


Now I need to upload the ISO file.  Double click the Folder you just created and select Upload a File to the Datastore


Browse to the relevant ISO File and upload it – I am going to install a Lubuntu Virtual Machine as its pretty lightweight for testing in my Lab


Now we can deploy the New VM – Select your Cluster, Right Click and choose New Virtual Machine > New Virtual Machine


Now just work through the Wizard

Create New Virtual Machine – Give it a Name


Select a Compute Resource and click Next

I will select the only Shared Storage Datastore I have


I will leave the Compatibility at ESXi 6.5 and later

Select the Guest OS Family and Version


Under Customize the VM Hardware – I am giving my VM the bare minimum resources; 512MB Memory, 1 Processor and 3GB of Storage


Select the New CD/DVD Drive – Select Datastore ISO File – Then Browse to the ISO you just stored on the Datastore


Ensure Connect.. Is selected


Select Next and Finish

We now have our linux01 VM Ready to Power On


Now to Power on the VM – Select the VM and press Power On

Place the VM on any Host for now – We will Test vMotion shortly


Now the VM is up, I can see that it is running on esx02, so I will move it over to esx01 to test vMotions


Select the VM, Right Click on it and select Migrate.

We are only interested in Change compute resource only > Next

On Select a compute resource > Select the Host you want the VM to Move to

Note: Always keep an eye on the Compatibility section to ensure all checks are succeeded


We wont be changing the Networks as they are configured the same – Click Next


Select the High Priority and click Next and Finish on the following screen

Keep track of the progress in the Recent Tasks window


And once completed, you will see it is running on a different Host