In this Post, I am installing Turbonomic into my Home Lab which is based on VMware Workstation – When deploying into your vCenter, the initial process will be slightly different i.e Deploy OVF Template


If you already have a valid license etc.. For Turbonomic – you will just need the CentOS Based OVA.  If not, visit:

Select File > Open and Browse to the OVA File

Give the VM a Name, Enter the Storage Path where you want the Machines files to be stored, Select Import and Accept the EULA


Whilst that is importing – I have created a DNS Record for my Turbonomic Instance


Once this has completed, I have my new Turbonomic Server – I will drag this into my VMware Lab Folder


I’m going to change some of the Settings for my Home lab (Best to leave these alone if deploying into Production Environment or even consider increasing Memory)

I am going to Drop to 4GB Memory, 1 Processor and Add this Interface to my dedicated Virtual Network


Now time to Power On


We need to log in to the Turbo Server to perform the configuration, using default username: root and password: vmturbo


Once logged in, type the following to start the Setup


Follow through he wizard entering IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS and Domain Name


Once the Network has restarted – you will see the IP Assigned


We can now connect via a Web Browser

Enter new Password for the administrator account


Once logged in – you will need to enter the license key you have


I will do a separate blog on adding vCenter as a Target as this requires ensuring Accounts are created and have relevant permissions, however this Image gives you an idea of how many Targets are available to be added into Turbonomic:


Here is a quick start guide