After deploying the VCSA onto one of my Lab ESXi Servers, I received the above error


So after deploying the VCSA OVA onto my Host, i went through the initial config and once the VCSA had booted, I went to do the Networking config etc.. and saw the following screen, showing Root password not set and RPM Installation failed.  I went to change the password and the “old password” section is greyed out


To get around this, reboot the Appliance and press ‘e’ whilst it is booting up, this will take you into the Grub Menu.


Move the the end of the line that starts with Linux and enter the following:

rw init=/bin/bash


Press F10 to reboot

Once in the command line enter: passwd


Enter a new password and then type: umount /

Now reboot with the command: reboot -f


You should now be able to log in