In this post, I will discuss how to view Wasted Storage or Unattached Volumes in AWS using Turbonomic. This is also posted HERE

Datastore Browsing Enabled in Turbonomic – If this cannot be enabled across the whole environment, I will show how to do this at a Group level.

1 – Creating AWS Storage Group/s – This may be required if you cannot enabled Datastore Browsing across the whole environment or if you want to Group different AWS Storage by Regions.

  • Go to Settings > Groups > Create New Group > Storage
  • Give the Group a Name
  • Select Group Type (Static or Dynamic)

-Select Static If you want to Manually add all or certain AWS Storage Devices
-Search for AWS and Select the Devices you want to Add


– Select Dynamic If you want to create Groups for Regions and want to ensure any new regions are automatically added
– Use the Filters and RegEx to find correct Devices


  • Save the Group

Creating a Policy for Datastore Browsing – This may be required if you cannot have Datastore Browsing Enabled across the whole environment.

  • Go to Settings > Policy > New Automation Policy > Storage
  • Give the Policy a Name
  • Scope to the relevant Storage Group (Could be what you created earlier)
  • Under Storage Settings, Select Disable Datastore Browsing and Disable this option


Viewing Unattached Volumes

  • From Search find the Group just created


  • Select the Group
  • Under the Overview section you can see Cost Breakdown By Unattached Tier


  • Navigate to the Top Volumes Widget
  • Select Show All


  • Sort the Fields by Linked VM so you can see any Undefined


  • This shows the Volumes that are not assigned to a VM
  • You can Download this list as an CSV File for further analysis