Homelab Page updated:

Originally I planed on using a  HP DL380 G5 and a few HP Microservers for my lab – but i changed my mind.. Instead I opted for a HP XW6600 Workstation: HP XW6600

I got this off Ebay for about £100 – this was fairly Barebones but had a Semi Decent Xeon Processor – E5440 @ 2.83GHz

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Reasons for the Workstation:

  • Supports Virtualization
  • Can take 32GB of RAM – See Update 2
  • Plenty of Space in the chassis for upgrades / expansion

You will also see from the above Image – It upgraded to Windows 10 with no issues at all – so I am now running VMWare Workstation 12.

I have installed 2 SATA drives – One for OS and a 2TB for VMs – but I just bought a 2.5″ Caddy to install an SSD which i will migrate my OS over to very shortly.

Also the Motherboard can take another CPU so I will end up with 2 x Xeon Processors (last time looked on Ebay they were around £15 – £20 for a CPU)

UPDATE: I purchased another CPU for £14 on Ebay Used, and realized that the Heatsink was actually going to cost more.  I purchased a used Heatsink for £30 and got this installed.  This now has 2 x Xeons CPUs with 8 Cores

UPDATE 2: I ordered 64GB RAM off Ebay for £90, The HP Specs state 32GB but so far I have added 48 GB and it is working fine.  Looks like I may have an issue with one of the DIMMS, so leaving it at 48GB for Now and will try again soon.

Next thing, I needed more than 1 Monitor so I can work of my MAC and my LAB at the same time, so i went a bit overboard and setup 3 x 21.5″ Monitors:


These are all setup on Wall Mount Cantilevers so i can move them all around as necessary

Cost wise – this worked out well as I already had the 32GB of RAM; heres a list of what i have bought/am buying:

  • Western Digital 2TB SATA III Hard Drive – WD 2TB Hard Drive – Currently £59.99
  • Icy Box Internal Mounting Frame for 2x 2.5 inch SSD/HDD to 3.5 inch Bay – 2.5″/3.5″ Caddy – Currently £3.99
  • BenQ GL2250HM LED 21.5 -inch Multimedia Monitor 1920 x 1080, DVI, HDMI,, 12M:1, 2 ms – Benq 21.5″ Monitor – Currently £88.13
  • VonHaus Basics Cantilever Arm Bracket Wall Mount with Swivel and Tilt – Monitor Wall Mount – Currently £11.99
  • HDMI KING 1.8M (6ft) Imperial Series 240hz+ HDMI Cable v1.4 Gold Plated, Double Insulated – HDMI Cables – Currently £2.59

This is still very much work in progress but will update my Homelab page: Home Lab as i progress