To change the account that Unidesk uses you must first create an account in AD and assign the relevant permissions in vCenter.  This guide assumes you have any account created in AD already, in this example the account will be UnideskAdmin

Setting up a vCenter role

You can use your existing Administrator role or you might want to create a vCenter role that is dedicated to Unidesk. If you decide to create a new role, use the following procedures to create a vCenter role for Unidesk administrators.

Add a vCenter role

  • In the vSphere Client, navigate to Home >Administration > Roles.
  • Click Add Role.
  • Enter a name (for example, UnideskAdmin).
  • Set the privileges

Assigning permissions to the vCenter Administrator account

  • Open the Assign Permissions window
  • In the vSphere Client, navigate to Home > Inventory >Hosts and Clusters.
  • Select the Permissions tab.
  • In the displayed window, right click in any location and select Add Permission from the displayed menu.

Associate the Unidesk role with the administrator account

  • Add the administrator account that you plan to use and assign the Unidesk role to it.
  • Allow the permissions to propagate to the entire datacentre.

Change the User Account associated to Unidesk

  • In the Unidesk Console, select the System tab
  • Select the Management Appliance and click Set Up Infrastructure


  • Change the Username to the one just created and enter the Password
  • Select Test Connection
  • If this succeeds click the Down Arrow twice to complete




If you want to restrict this user from accessing specific folders in the Datacenter, grant the user more restrictive permissions for those folders.