Adding Group or Users as Local Admin in Virtual Desktops

Whilst implementing VDI, a particular customer needed to have all “Domain Users” to be local Admins on their Virtual Desktops.  This post shows how to enable Domain Users or any Active Directory User or User Group to be given Local Admin rights via GPO.

  • First step, if performing this for Users would be to create a new Group for the users to go into.
  • Log onto a Domain Controller, Create a new group and add the relevant Domain Users.
  • Create a new Group Policy Object


  • And give it a relevant name


  • Right Click on the New Policy and select Edit


  • Expand Computer configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Restricted Groups


  • In the Left pane on Restricted Groups, Right Click and select “Add Group“
  • In the Add Group dialog box, select browse and type Domain Users and then click “Check Names“


  • Click OK twice to close the dialog box.
  • Click Add under “This group is a member of:” and select Browse


  •  Add the “Administrators” Group.
  •  OK through all boxes

Test by logging on to a PC which is joined to the Domain and then run the gpupdate /force command and check the Local Admins group, there should be Domain Users in that group now.


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