After installing the Apex 2800 Cards into your ESXi servers and installing the Drivers, you may need to go back in and change some of the Settings or check that offloading is taking place.

Enable SSH on your ESXi Servers and make sure the Service is Running

Log in via PuTTy or another SSH Client

To display general driver and device information navigate to:

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -I


Within the device summary your looking to confirm next to “Device” that it is “IN_SERVICE”.

In Service

In the Virtual Machine summary you can see if any PCoIP sessions have been found and are being offloaded.

To display virtual machine and display usage information enter:

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -V

Disable card (on bus 12):

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -d 12 -x

Enable card (on bus 12):

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -d 12 -e

Enable show indicator in virtual desktop display (top left corner):

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -P “offload_indicator 1”

Disable show indicator in virtual desktop display:

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl -P “offload_indicator 0”

Red = PCoIP display is being offloaded

Blue = PCoIP not being offloaded

Display Support Resolution 

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl –get-max-resolution

Change Supported Resolution

/opt/teradici/pcoip-ctrl –set-max-resolution <Selection>

<Selection> =

1) 2560 X 1600
2) 1920 X 1200
3) 1680 X 1050
4) 1280 X 1024